New Standard in Random Number Generation

A new framework of random number generation tools that includes inter stream correlation testing (“ISC TEST”) capability and a high quality context-aware pseudorandom number generator (CPRNG generator) that scales to exascale. Designed for high performance computing (HPC) in applications that invoke Monte Carlo method simulations. Can be used in multi-core systems, large parallel multiprocessor clusters, and systems with GPUs and Many Integrated Cores as accelerators.

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ISC Test Package

Gives users the ability to perform, online, an on-the-fly analysis of the quality of parallel random number streams as the user’s application is running. ISC Test will reveal indications of correlations among parallel streams, regardless of whether the number of streams is just a few, or billions.



Launches through your application’s API call for random numbers. Our framework:

  • Launches ISC TEST
  • Launches CPRNG generator
  • Includes 3rd party generator “plug in” capability
  • Includes 3rd party tester “plug in” capability

CPRNG Generator

A high quality, highly scalable context-aware pseudorandom number generator (CPRNG) that delivers each random number generated to the location from which it is called (ergo, context-awareness).

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We have assembled a team of world-class talent, with experience in secure communications systems design, high performance networking, software design, and software optimization for both distributed and parallel computing. Based in Minnesota, and with resources in California and Texas, we are developing software that will break through current limitations in parallel computing and, soon, address future needs in cloud computing environments.


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